There is a growing demand for new approaches to project management and development activities in today’s fast paced business climate. This introductory course explains agile and scrum methodologies at the foundation level, focusing on the basic concepts and principles of agile methodologies and scrum practices.

The EXIN accredited training course is designed as an introduction to the core topics that are associated with agile and scrum, including the “agile thinking” (how to encourage value, speed and flexibility within a project). Scrum, a widely used agile methodology in software development, is a framework for developing complex projects and delivering them at the highest possible value


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe agile methodologies
  • Explain what makes up scrum
  • Plan, execute, monitor and track scrum projects
  • Understand advanced scrum topics
  • Effectively apply scrum in your organisation

The course is suitable for:

  • Developers, testers and architects who work on scrum projects
  • Project managers and scrum masters
  • Product owners, business analysts and customers of scrum projects
  • Senior managers, process coaches or SEPG/ QMG/PMO members governing scrum projects
  • IT professionals already proficient in any software development methodology
Your Online (Agile and Scrum Foundation e-learning) Package
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You will then be able to login to our online learning portal with your email and password.

You will have access to the portal for 12 months to complete your course.

£850 £600 + VAT

  • 12 months online access to accredited e-learning
  • Eight chapter-end quizzes
  • Two agile and scrum interactive scenarios
  • Agile and Scrum Foundation exam: valid for 12 months from purchase date. Exam must be taken online via remote proctor. Contact Brighter Connect admin e-learning portal team at
  • Agile scrum concepts
  • Roles and rituals
  • Scrum practices
  • Scrum planning
  • Scrum estimations
  • Scrum monitoring
  • Advanced scrum concepts
  • Scrum overview

Each lesson is followed by a quiz.


Before taking this course, familiarity with IT and IT service management is recommended. It is also useful to have a basic understanding of project management.


After completing the e-learning, you will be ready to sit the Agile Scrum Foundation certificate from EXIN, the accrediting body for the qualification.

The format of the exam is as follows:

  • 60-minute exam duration
  • 40 questions
  • Multiple choice
  • 65% pass mark

The Agile and Scrum Foundation certification is accredited by EXIN who is the accrediting body for the qualification.