Agile Scrum Classroom Training

As Agile with SCRUM promotes a collaborative process, we  expect candidates to be involved during our training course so that we can deliver the best results at the end of every training modules. This is usually done by incorporating a number of Agile meetings or ‘ceremonies’ (in Agile geek speak) into our training modules that promote collaboration between the teams.

At Brighter Connect, we recommend that an Agile approach is incorporated into very training module especially as some or most of the candidates might undertake a live scenarios in projects especially if a project fits the following criteria:

  • Not all requirements are fully defined before project commencement and are subject to change.
  • The client can dedicate a good amount of time to the project due to multiple deliverables in a short time frame and more frequent meeting.
  • The project requirements contain a need for custom software development.
  • The client is looking for quick results with a flexible project scope.

Why not explore the option of booking a course with us today and we can show you the practically of how this can be utilised.

Please Note: The cost above does not include the exam voucher as it covers the Agile Scrum training only.

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