Big Data Business Intelligence for Government Agencies Classroom Training

Course Overview

Many industries including governments are changing how their business is conducted as a result of advances in technologies and the increasing amount of complex information passed from one medium to another. As digital information expands and becomes more complex, information management, processing, storage, security, and disposition become more complex as well. Government data generation and digital archiving rates are on the rise due to the rapid growth of mobile devices and applications, smart sensors and devices, cloud computing solutions, and citizen-facing portals.

Course Synopsis

Our Big Data Business Intelligence course is 35 hours (usually 5 days including breaks).

  • Basic knowledge of business operation and data systems in Govt. in their domain
  • Basic understanding of SQL/Oracle or relational database
  • Basic understanding of Statistics (at Spreadsheet level)

Training Particular

Big Data Business Intelligence for Govt. Agencies Training

Training Location

As per client preference

Batch Size

Up to 10 candidates

Training Total Cost

£6,850 each excl. VAT

Mode of Training



Course Outline
- Each session is 2 hours

  • Day-1: Session -1: Business Overview of Why Big Data Business Intelligence in Govt.
  • Day-1: Session-2: Introduction of Big Data-1
  • Day-1: Session -3 : Introduction to Big Data-2
  • Day-1: Session-4: Big Data Introduction-3 : Hadoop
  • Day-2: Session-1: Big Data Ecosystem-Building Big Data ETL: universe of Big
  • Day-2: Session-2: Big Data Management System
  • Day-2: Session-3: Predictive analytics in Business Intelligence -1: Fundamental Techniques & Machine learning based BI
  • Day-2: Session-4 Predictive analytics eco-system-2: Common predictive analytic problems in Govt.
  • Day-3: Sesion-1: Real Time and Scalable Analytic Over Hadoop
  • Day-3: Session-2: Tools for eDiscovery and Forensics
  • Day-3: Session 3: Big Data BI for Cyber Security –Understanding whole 360 degree views of speedy data collection to threat identification
  • Day-3: Session 4: Big Data in USDA: Application in Agriculture
  • Day-4: Session-1: Fraud prevention BI from Big Data in Govt.- Fraud analytic
  • Day-4: Session-2: Social Media Analytic- Intelligence gathering and analysis
  • Day-4: Session-3: Big Data Analytic in image processing and video feeds
  • Day-4: Session-4: Big Data applications in NIH
  • Day-5: Session-1: How to justify Big Data BI implementation within an organization
  • Day-5: Session-2: Step by Step procedure to replace legacy data system to Big Data System
  • Day-5: Session 4: Review of Big Data Vendors and review of their products. Q/A session

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Please Note: The cost above does not include the exam voucher as it covers the Big Data Business Intelligence training only.

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