Health & Safety

Health and Safety Classroom Training

Health & Safety is a very sensitive and generic topic that requires full attention from every organisation as failure to uphold this can be detrimental to the whole organisation. Whether be employee, employer, workplace related H&S training, Brighter connect has got you covered. We offer the Health & Safety (H&S) course to various organisations as a fully bespoke tailor-made solutions package across their various  business units and also to a professional individual aiming to become an expert in the area of H&S; therefore providing a competitive  advantage to the workforce. We will work with your organisation to understand what area of the business requires H&S training and our specialist team  will then tailor this approach based on the information received to help reduce your cost and maximise profit. Make an enquiry with us today on or call +44 203 488 4803 so we can understand how we can provide your organisation with the best quote possible.

Please Note: The cost above does not include the exam voucher as it covers the Health and Safety training only.

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